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FRANKFURT ON MAIN (fridays main events)

 — 5 Февраля 2010, 23:38

I´m in Frankfurt now. Next point Nuremberg. Friday in Moscow was as usal. During two hours I tried to help Andrey Klepach discuss agenda of iinnovation development with twenty assosiations in hi teknologi filds of economy. It wasn´t easy, but intersting- Than I had lunch with Vladimir Gutenev from Rostekhology. After that I met with Evgeniy Uriev — new president of Delovaya Rossia. Evgeniy and his assastants Lola and Allexander offered a lot of new ideas for the cooperation. and finally — took part in the plenary meeting of workgroupe Monotowns. We heard the programm of Leninsk- Kuznetskiy. Quit simbolic name for the past century — isn´t it?

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